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Version: 2.0.0


The Litmuschaos command-line tool, litmusctl, allows you to manage litmuschaos's agent plane. You can use litmusctl to create agents, project, and manage multiple litmuschaos accounts.


Litmusctl CLI requires the following things:

  • kubeconfig - litmusctl needs the kubeconfig of the k8s cluster where we need to connect litmus agents. The CLI currently uses the default path of kubeconfig i.e. ~/.kube/config.
  • kubectl - litmusctl is using kubectl under the hood to apply the manifest.

    To install kubectl, follow: kubectl


For more information including a complete list of litmusctl operations, see the litmusctl reference documentation.

  • For v0.3.0 or latest && compatible with Litmus-2.0.0 or latest: Click here
  • For v0.2.0 or earlier && compatible with Litmus-2.0.0 or earlier: Click here


To install the latest version of litmusctl follow the below steps:

Platformsv0.3.0v0.2.0 master(Unreleased)
litmusctl-darwin-amd64 (MacOS)Click hereClick hereClick here
litmusctl-linux-386Click hereClick hereClick here
litmusctl-linux-amd64Click hereClick hereClick here
litmusctl-linux-armClick hereClick hereClick here
litmusctl-linux-arm64Click hereClick hereClick here
litmusctl-windows-386Click hereClick hereClick here
litmusctl-windows-amd64Click hereClick hereClick here
litmusctl-windows-armClick hereClick hereClick here


  • Extract the binary
tar -zxvf litmusctl-<OS>-<ARCH>-<VERSION>.tar.gz
  • Provide necessary permissions
chmod +x litmusctl
  • Move the litmusctl binary to /usr/local/bin/litmusctl. Note: Make sure to use root user or use sudo as a prefix
mv litmusctl /usr/local/bin/litmusctl
  • You can run the litmusctl command in Linux/macOS:
litmusctl <command> <subcommand> <subcommand> [options and parameters]


  • Extract the binary from the zip using WinZip or any other extraction tool.

  • You can run the litmusctl command in windows:

litmusctl.exe <command> <subcommand> <subcommand> [options and parameters]
  • To check the version of the litmusctl:
litmusctl version