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Version: 2.0.0

Delete a Workflow

If required, it is possible to delete a workflow schedule that you no longer wish to run against your application.


This also means that all the runs corresponding to that workflow will also be deleted.

Before you begin

You can learn about the concept of workflows here and how to schedule your first workflow here.

1. Go to the workflows sections

In the Workflows page, go to the Schedules tab and click on the options menu for the specific schedule you wish to delete:

2. Click on the Delete workflow option

After opening the options menu and clicking on the Delete workflow option, you'll see a prompt in order to confirm your action. Please ensure that you want to delete the selected workflow and click the Delete button:

3. The Workflow has been deleted

You will observe that the workflow no longer appears in the list of schedules and has been removed.

As stated above, we observe that the runs have been removed as well.

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