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Version: 2.0.0


The User Guides section details Processes, User-flows and How-tos detailing all sorts of scenarios in various environments. Technical details and inner workings of the various components are explained in the Concepts section.

Advanced Installation#

Install ChaosCenter and ChaosAgents in various environment configurations.

Injecting Fault#

Constructing, Scheduling, Editing and Observing workflows.

Observing Chaos#

Set-up monitoring, Analyze and Compare various metrics that help you make reliable decisions regarding your application.

Event Triggered Chaos using GitOps#

GitOps in Litmus provides a way of using Event-Driven Chaos Injection, where target resources(stateful sets, deployments, etc.) can be configured to automatically trigger chaos workflows with any changes in the resource spec.

Account Settings#

Changing your personal details such as the email, full name, and password.

User Management#

Adding and Deactivating users to ChaosCenter and Resetting passwords for users.

Managing Projects#

Probes are pluggable checks that can be defined within the ChaosEngine for any Chaos Experiment.


Adding members to a project, Editing user-invite and Removing team members from a project.

Using different Image Registries in a Workflow#

Using different Image Registries like Docker, Red Hat Quay, Google Container Registry in a Workflow.

Uninstalling Litmus#

Disconnecting ChaosAgents and uninstalling ChaosCenter.