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Version: 2.1.0


The Architecture section contains the component overview, sequence diagrams and description of flow of information through the Litmus architecture.

Architecture Summary#

A very high level overview of the entire Litmus architecture with the objective of highlighting the flow of information through the various components.

Control Plane#

Consists of micro-services responsible for the functioning of the ChaosCenter, the web based portal used for creating, scheduling, and monitoring chaos workflows.

Execution Plane#

Contains the components required for the orchestration of chaos injection in the target resources.

Chaos Experiment Flow#

Flow of information during the execution of Litmus chaos experiments, grouped into the categories such as pod-level, node-level, application-level, and public-cloud.

Chaos Observability Flow#

Information flow for monitoring and observability during and post chaos using built-in Litmus analytics dashboard as well as external observability tools.