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Version: 2.2.0

Comparative Analysis of Chaos Workflows

Workflow Dashboard allows you to manage your workflows runs, schedules & statistics.

Long-term Statistics#

Long-term Statistics provides details about workflow runs & schedules over time.

In first tab, you can compare number of workflow runs according to selected granuality i.e. Daily/Monthly/Hourly. Granuality can be changed using drop-down in top right corner.

Similarily, In other tab, you can also compare schedules according to selected granuality.


You can hover over the respective graphs to get the total workflow runs & total schedules respectively.

Total Workflow Statistics#

Total Workflow Statistics helps you to see how many of their scheduled have been passing/ failing & running. This helps you to see average performance of all the workflow runs.

Comparing Multiple Workflows#

List of workflows provided on the page helps you to keep track of their scheduled workflows along with associated details like workflow name, target agent, starting time,etc & allows to compare the workflows by selecting them from the table.

For comparing the workflows, you can select the workflows from the table & click on Compare workflows button.

Once, user clicks on Compare workflows button, they will be presented with a graph, which shows comparison of selected workflows with respect to resilience score.

You can change the granuality by clicking on drop-down in top right corner. We can choose between Hourly/ Daily/ Monthly.


By hovering over the dots on comparison graph, you can see the resiliency score of compared workflows & also average workflows.

The Comparison report can be downloaded in PDF form using the export button given in header of table.

Sample workflows comparison report can be downloaded from here

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