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Version: 2.2.0

Edit Workflow Schedule

Before you begin#

You must schedule a workflow. To know more about scheduling workflows click here

After you have scheduled a workflow, you might have a need of changing the schedule of a recurring workflow. To edit the schedule follow these steps:

1. Select edit schedule from the menu#

In the Schedules tab of Litmus Workflows page you can click on the triple dots of the schedule to access more options for it. From the menu select the Edit Schedule option.

Selecting Edit Schedule from the MenuSelecting Edit Schedule from the Menu

2. Click on edit button#

Now you'll be seeing the Summary of your workflow and you can click on the Edit button to change the schedule.

Summary of the Workflow with Edit buttonSummary of the Workflow with Edit button

3. Change the schedule#

Here you can change the schedule to the required interval and click on the Verify button.

Editing the ScheduleEditing the Schedule

4. Save the changes#

Click on the Save Changes button to commit the changes to your workflow.

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