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Version: 3.2.0

Community driven Chaos Engineering

Created by our users, contributors, and adopters, the Litmus community truly believes in adding to the value of open source culture. Serving and listening to the community is a priority to us.

We welcome Kubernetes SREs and Developers to join this zealous community to learn and share all about Cloud-Native Chaos Engineering. There are many contributors in our community who are ready to mentor those who want to contribute. Ask a question in our slack channel.

Join our Slack channel

Join Our Community On Slack For Detailed Discussion, Feedback & Regular Updates On Chaos Engineering For Kubernetes, join #litmus on Kubernetes Slack and connect with SREs and Chaos Engineering enthusiasts.

Join here:

Join our Community meetings

We meet on every 3rd Wednesday of the month!

Topics we discuss

  • Updates to Litmus in the last one month
  • Contributor Experiences & Insights
  • SIG-Documentation Charter and many more!

Community Events

Our resolve is to reach the global community and escalate the value of Cloud-Native Chaos Engineering among Kubernetes Developers and SREs. We organize meetups every month to reach out to the community. Join into one of our meetups and experience the real aura of Chaos. You can also conduct your own meetup, join our community, and put forward your idea.

Community Sync Up
Meet and learn from the maintainers, contributors and developers of Litmus, everything about Chaos Engineering

Kubernetes Chaos Engineering Meetup
Discussion about the best practices and tutorials for practicing Chaos Engineering


We invite contributions in all forms. Join us in writing blogs on about experiments, features, and your experience. Use the #litmuschaos tag for your blog to get featured.

Go to

Contribute your chaos experiments

We are devoted to being an open source driven community and appeal to our community members to contribute chaos experiments, file issues, raise pull requests, and provide feedback to help enhance the user experience and bring in new enhancements to develop LitmusChaos.

Check out the page on Litmus repository for instructions on how to contribute. Feel free to discuss about your contributions on our slack channel.

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