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Version: 3.5.0


The Concepts section contains Definitions, Design principles, Terminology and Working technical theory. This section will not have the actual usage instructions or guides those will be made available in the User Guides section.


Probes are pluggable checks that can be defined within the ChaosEngine for any Chaos Fault.


ChaosHub allows you to orchestrate chaos experiments from the Public ChaosHub or an alternate source for the Faults.

Chaos Experiment

Chaos Experiment is a set of different operations coupled together to achieve desired chaos impact on a Kubernetes Cluster.

Chaos Infrastructure

Chaos infrastructure is a service that runs in your target environment and aids Litmus control plane in accessing and injecting chaos.

User Management

Role Privileges of different users in the ChaosCenter.


Project management system which can be used for working on chaos experiment with multiple different projects across different chaos infrastructures.


Teaming feature to facilitate collaboration between users using project level role access.


GitOps feature in Litmus enables you to configure a single source of truth for your chaos experiments and faults.