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Version: 3.1.0



Pleas note that Litmus 3.0 is not backward compatible and will require a fresh installation for users looking to migrate from previous versions

Chaos Resources

At the heart of the Litmus Platform are the chaos custom resources. This section consists of the specification (details of each field within the .spec & .status of the resources) as well as standard examples for tuning the supported parameters.

Chaos Resource NameDescriptionUser Guides
ChaosEngineContains the ChaosEngine specifications user-guideChaosEngine
ChaosExperimentContains the ChaosExperiment specifications user-guideChaosExperiment
ChaosResultContains the ChaosResult specifications user-guideChaosResult

Terminology Changes

With the latest release of LitmusChaos 3.0.0 the following terminologies have been changed:

Old terminologyUpdated terminology
Chaos ExperimentChaos Fault
Chaos Scenario/WorkflowChaos Experiment
Chaos Delegate/AgentChaos Infrastructure