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Version: 3.8.0

Collaborate with Teams

The ChaosCenter has a built in teaming feature to facilitate collaboration between users using project level role access, the core concepts of which are discussed below.

Project level roles (Owner, Editor, Viewer)โ€‹

Each user has a default project created on user creation by the admin for which they maintain a project level Owner access. Every Owner has the ability to invite other users into their project with different permission levels, namely Editor, and Viewer.

Teaming is based on the following principles and each user can have one of the 3 project roles:

  • Owner: One who created the project and owns it. Only the owner has permission to manage(invite or remove) the members in his/her project. The owner can schedule chaos experiments, update and delete chaos experiments.
  • Editor: Members invited with the editor role can do everything an owner can except for managing the project.
  • Viewer: Members having a viewer role can only view the analytics related to the chaos experiments and the chaos experiments themselves, but are not given permission to schedule chaos experiments in the project.

Role privilegesโ€‹

Note: A user will be the owner of his/her project by default.

As the Project Owner you can:

  • Invite other users for the following roles:
    • Viewer
    • Editor
  • View the list of team members with other details including their role in the project, email-id, date-time of joining the project team.
  • Rename your project.
  • Remove a member from your project.
  • Check the status of the invitation you sent to other members.
  • Edit the user role in case the invitation is pending.
  • Cancel the invitation.

As a Viewer or Editor you can:

  • Check and Accept/Decline the received invitations.
  • Switch and browse any project you are a member of.
  • Can leave the project you are a part of, except your own.

Note: The settings page will not be visible to you if you are browsing someone elseโ€™s project. You can only view it if you are the project owner.

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